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McDowell County Marion NC
McDowell County Old Fort, NC
McDowell County Nebo Lake James, NC
McDowell County Glenwood, NC
McDowell County Dysartsville, NC
McDowell County Woodlawn, NC
MCDowell County Pleasant Gardens, NC
McDowell County Little Switzerland, NC
McDowell County Sugarhill, NC
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Medical Facilities

McDowell County has many medical facilities with great doctors and medical personnel.


*General Surgery *Pharmacy
*Group Homes  *intellectual/developmentally programs
*Cardiothoracic Surgery *Psychiatry
*Vascular Surgery  *Pediatrics
*Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery *Physical Medicine and Rehab (PM & R)
*Colorectal Surgery *Radiation Oncology
*Surgical Oncology *Family Practice
*Transplant Surgery *Emergency Medicine
*Trauma Surgery *Psychologists/Counselors 
*Surgical Endocrinology *Podiatrists
*Orthopedic Surgery *Optometrists

*Obstetrics & Gynecology (Ob/Gyn)

*Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM)
*Urology *Reproductive Endocrinology
*ENT *Gynecologic Oncology
*Ophthalmology *Urogynecology
*Neurosurgery *Hand Surgeons
*Dermatology *Shoulder Surgeons
*Neurology *Knee Surgeons
*Pathology *Hip Surgeons
*Radiology *Spine Surgeons
*Anesthesiolog *Sports Medicine
*Chiropractor *Orthopedic Oncology
*Medical Equipment



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